Postcard around the World

My first Card has been started at January 3rd 2012 to Katowice in Poland.
It's a fluffy try without any big planning. It'll be cool if the card ever comes back after surrounding the world once, no matter how many stops it has made.
So I hope it'll nowhere get lost on it's way. When it comes back, I'll inform you at this Website. I think in a few days or weeks I'll also open a kind of guestbook here, where poeple can tell where the card actually is. The Country and City will be enough information I think, but you are free to enter more than that. Later I thought to produce a Website where you can Register and request to be a receiver and sender for Worldcards around the world, and you should then be able to also request and start a postcard around the world for yourself. My idea is, that everyone who sends the card any further writes, like in postcrossing, a section ID on the card and the receiver should then enter it on the website, so we can follow the actual position of the card online.
The Guestbook is temporarily out of Service..